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"Nothing brings us more joy than seeing the ways in which fish brings people together."

Photo by Eric Fandrick

Aloha, my name is Evan Enriques and I started Unko'z Fishing as an Instagram account in 2018 - it was an easy way to share my fisherman lifestyle with friends and family. Unko'z has come a long way since then, growing into a brand and a business aimed at providing fresh fish for our local community here on the Big Island.  In addition, our fishing style works to promote traditional and sustainable methods allowing our customers to know exactly how and where our fish were harvested.


To fully understand the roots behind Unko'z Fishing, let us travel back in time to the 60s and 70s when two men were rising to become fishing pioneers of the waters here in Kaʻū. They were my grandfathers, Arnold and Joseph.  

Arnold Howard, Punalu'u Harbor
Circa 1978
Joseph & Evan Enriques, Punalu'u Beach
Circa 1996
Punalu'u Boat Ramp
Circa 1980
Joseph & friends, Punalu'u Beach
Circa 1968

Both Arnold and Joseph spent years on these rich, rough waters perfecting their crafts and seeking knowledge through what can only be described as trial and error.  They lived through the transition from wa'a (canoe) and koa paddles to fiberglass boats and tiller motors, which completely changed fishing here in Kaʻū.  Amongst many benefits, this transition allowed them to explore new areas and new fishing methods that weren't necessarily practiced before.  Their dedication and perseverance have allowed their knowledge to trickle down our lineage, beginning with my father and uncles.

Jon Pall Enriques, Kailua Kona
Circa 1979
Guy Enriques, Kealakekua Bay
Circa 1994

Much of what I know stems from my father and my uncles who represent the generation above me. They've paved the way, helping me to understand what it means to be a commercial fisherman in Kaʻū -- a place that shows no mercy.  The relentless wind and swell of the south side are known to claim lives and boats from even the best of fishermen. Having been exposed to this environment from my toddler years to now has allowed me to fully grasp the risk and rewards of this lifestyle, which I've been blessed to pursue.

Addison, Evan, & Guy Enriques
Evan, & Avery Enriques
Emmett Enriques

Growing up, I spent every free second I had on or near the ocean with family.  From throwing net and picking opihi to Palu Ahi and Ika Shibi, the fuel in my fire never seemed to burn out.  After graduating from Kamehameha Schools Hawaii in 2014, I embarked on a five year journey at Stanford University which marked the longest stretch of time I'd ever been away from home and the lifestyle that I love.  In 2019, I graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Technology, and Society and a Master's Degree in Media Communications.  Since then, I've returned home and for the first time in my life, I find myself fully devoted towards integrating knowledge with passion.  My mission: to utilize my God given abilities to provide for my family and our local community, while continuing to push our ʻohana's knowledge of fishing into the next generation.  From a simple Instagram account to a family operation alongside my dad and brothers, ladies and gentleman -- welcome to Unko'z Fishing.

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